Inclusive Design – Autism Spectrum

0f7e0eb953e4aa3283f3fe5062496eebCheryl Jones Interior Design creates “inclusive” environments for those on the autistic spectrum. Inclusive design is a term used to create environments that “include” those who fall under accessible design. Inclusive design is not a law, but is a consideration.  The autistic community has very specific needs for their environment.  Environmental stimuli can have negative consequences on their social and behavioral outcomes, and just make them uncomfortable in their living spaces. With design solutions in place, an autistic individual can receive relief from sensory sensitivities that may cause pain, confusion and anxiety.  Cheryl Jones Interior Design can design n in-home multi-sensory room (snoezelen), which have been proven to provide the following benefits:




  • Increase concentration and focus attentionfdc39a2120fc3fd2924bd6e44f841b3e
  • Develop or reactivate senses of hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste
  • Heighten awareness and improve alertness
  • Improve coordination and motor development
  • Promote cognitive development by increased brain function
  • Lead participants to explore their environment
  • Provide security
  • Be an unrestrained atmosphere where participants feel able to enjoy themselves.
  • Improve creativity
  • Stimulate the sensory building blocks
  • Develop of a sense of cause and effect
  • Develop language – more vocalization
  • Promote social interactions
  • Promote mental and physical relaxation – Stress levels drop dramatically
  • Result in more calmness and lower aggressive behaviors
  • Increase opportunity for choice and self-determination
  • Improve communication and sharing
  • Lead to non-responsive patients becoming communicatative
  • Provide relief from pain and painful physiotherapy
  • Enhances feeling of well-being and happiness.

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