Universal Design – Aging in Place

PrintCheryl Jones Interior Design offers Universal Design Services.  Universal design is the concept of designing all products and the built design to be aesthetic and usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of their age, ability or status in life. Design philosophy is “Design for All”


Principles for Universal Design

  1. Equitable Use
  2. Flexibility in Use
  3. Simple and Intuitive
  4. Perceptible Information
  5. Tolerance for Error
  6. Low Physical Effort
  7. Size and Space for Approach and Use







“Aging in place” is included in universal design initially and then may need some accessible design solutions as the aging process may naturally increase the disabilities that a senior citizen will face.  Accessibility in housing has become more prominent as ageing seniors may wish to continue living independently.  In this scenario, accessibility modifications can be implemented.

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