The initial consultation is free.  Fees are based upon the amount of guests attending. For example, if you have 100 anticipated guests, then your Design Fee is $2,000.00.  This will be for the design, installation, tear down, consultation only and does not represent the costs/rental fees that will be incurred for your event.  You will set a budget for the costs/rental fees and Cheryl Jones Event Design will diligently stay within your set budget. Our Design Fee represents a reasonable assessment of the time, personnel and resources it will take to professionally complete your event, and it assures you that Cheryl Jones Event Design will complete your event on time and on budget.

The scope of work and time allotment per project is defined and detailed in a document called a Letter of Agreement (or contract), which spells out the agreement between you, the client, and Cheryl Jones Event Design.  If the scope of the work has changed, a new contract will be executed.

Any time beyond what is described in the contract, and approved by the client in advance, will be billed separately at $75 an hour.

At the time of a request to produce a design for your event, a $150.00 non-refundable fee (if not hired) will be assessed for the Design Board. After approval of Design Board, and upon hiring for event, 50% of the Design Fee will be due, and the remaining 50% (with adjustments if needed i.e.: design board) 7 days prior to event.  The initial Design Board fee will be deducted at the last payment 7 days before the event.  If additional deliveries outside of Cheryl Jones Event Design need to be handled for you, there will be additional fees for handling those products/services/vendors.


Amount of Guests                           Design Fee                       Budget Costs

Design Board Only                           $    150.00                          (**backed out of final fee)

Bride & Groom Only ***                    $   250.00                          Plus costs within budget

1-35 guests                                       $   500.00                          Plus costs within budget

36-75 guests                                     $1,250.00                          Plus costs within budget

76-120 guests                                   $2,000.00                          Plus costs within budget

121-180 guests                                 $3,000.00                          Plus costs within budget

181 +                                                 $4,000.00 +                      Plus costs within budget

Flat Travel Fee outside Lee County       250.00