Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Home Table Designs – Summer 2021

Summer has us so excited here at Cheryl Jones Event Design because we are rolling out our Lilly Pulitzer tablescapes! Cheryl Jones grew up in Palm Beach County where Lilly Pulitzer was the queen of vibrant colors and whimsical patterns. We are going to celebrate her vision all summer by creating table designs with her original products! Throughout the summer we will not only be highlighting Lilly Pulitzer products, but also the versatility and style of outdoor dinnerware. We hope these designs inspire you to embrace summer too!

Lilly Pattern “Swept by the Tides”

Lilly Pattern “White Resort Finders Keepers”

Lilly Pattern “Via Amor”


Lilly Pattern “Boho Bateau”

Lilly Patterns “Pink Sunset Local Flavor” and “Cameo White Kiss”

Lilly Pulitzer Patterns “Pink Aquadesiac” and “Turtley Awesome”

Lilly Pulitzer Pattern “Joy Ride Deep Indigo”

Lilly Pulitzer Pattern “Breakwater Blue Lolita”

Lilly Pattern “Raz Berry Shady Lady”


Lilly Pattern “On Parade”


Lilly Pattern “Not So Crabby”

Lilly Pattern “Coco Safari Pineapple”